Photo Diary: Brussels


I recently spent a weekend wandering the streets of Brussels. It’s only a two-hour journey from London’s King’s Cross Station on the Eurostar, making it an easy getaway.

One of my primary reasons for going was because I wanted to say, “I’m eating mussels in Brussels,” which I did (a lot). Also, Beer. Waffles. Chocolate. Fries. What more do you want? I stayed at the Hotel Sofitel Brussels Le Louise – very central and across the street from an array of fancy designer shops. It was an easy walk to the main square, a.k.a. Grand Place, where you’ll find a selection of restaurants/bars to sit and enjoy the view with a brew.

Trying to find the cutest place to drink a beer or to eat the best frites in Brussels can be difficult, so let me help you…

  1. Beer: Go to Poechenellekelder (and yes, that is the real name). It describes itself as a “cozy cafe bar with a long beer menu” and it is exactly that. I would compare it to the inside of an atmospheric old ship. It’s also conveniently situated across from the famous statue of the little boy doing his business. If you’re familiar with Brussels, you know what I’m talking about. I would recommend ordering the Delirium Tremens – but just one!
  2. Frites: I searched high and low online for the best fries in Brussels beforehand. Luckily, I stumbled upon Friterie Tabora. Small and a little sketchy, they had surprisingly delicious fries and dipping sauces (let’s face it, it’s all about the dipping sauce).

The main old center of Brussels is fairly small; two days is probably just the right amount of time before you get too full and need to go home. If you’re keen to explore other areas, there is a very easy metro system that will take you out to the Castle of Laeken and Atomium. Photos below!

IMG_3644 IMG_3651

IMG_3653 IMG_3655


[Walking into Grand Place]IMG_3660 IMG_2807

[Grand Place]IMG_3663 IMG_2842 IMG_3672 IMG_3676 IMG_3758 IMG_3677 IMG_3759 IMG_3679

[Not sure what to try? Try a beer sampler!]IMG_2872 IMG_3684

[Tasty fries at Friterie Tabora]IMG_2844

[Castle of Laeken]IMG_2908 IMG_3716 IMG_3725 IMG_3715

[Greenhouses at the Castle of Laeken] IMG_2907


[The dangerously delicious Delirium Tremens]IMG_2880 IMG_2925

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