Photo Diary: Bruges


Looking for a storybook European town? Well, look no further than lovely little Bruges.

As part of a recent trip to Belgium (photos here), I spent two days strolling / boating around Bruges. It’s the capital of West Flanders (who knew!?) and a 1.5 hour train ride from Brussels. Horse-drawn carriages, cobbled streets and medieval waterways make Bruges one of the most charming cities in Europe. I highly recommend adding it to your list of must-visits!

{The central market in Bruges. Loads of patio bars watched over by  the Belfry of Bruges.}

IMG_3019 IMG_3015 IMG_3106 IMG_3095 IMG_3193 IMG_3143 IMG_2985

{Belfry of Bruges}IMG_2940

{Views from the top of the Belfry}IMG_3069 IMG_3061 IMG_2984

{Basilica of the Holy Blood – built in the 1100’s!}IMG_2938

{Horse-drawn carriages around town}IMG_2943

{Taking shelter from the pouring rain!}IMG_2980 IMG_2946 IMG_2951 IMG_2971 IMG_2968

{Obviously had to test out the waffles…}

{Testing the offerings at 2be – The Beer Wall; this one is coconut beer (surprisingly good!)}IMG_2990 IMG_2935

{The lovely Grand Hotel Casselbergh Bruges}IMG_2931

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