Links I’m loving this week…


  1. See what you can rent for £700 ($1,000) per month in 16 European cities. (Buzzfeed)
  2. Check out best red carpet hair and makeup trends of 2015 up close. (Vogue UK)
  3. 17 Fairytale Castles in England” – yes, please! (Hand Luggage Only)
  4. Not long ago I went on a vest shopping spree (and made this post) – now using this article to discover new ways to wear a long vest. (TheCut)
  5. My favorite 5-letter word? SALES! See a list of the best of the bunch here. (WhoWhatWear)
  6. Have you been removing your makeup the wrong way? Find out at “FYI: You’re Removing Your Makeup All Wrong.” (The Zoe Report)
  7. ALERT: There is a new Rihanna album on it’s way. Here’s what you should wear while listening to it. (Vogue US)
  8. Whenever I cut my hair I ask the stylist to finish cutting it dry, which is now supported here. Also, I’m really in to J.Law’s new hair – to the point of copycatting. (IntoTheGloss)
  9. Need a pick-me-up? This little pug will have you smiling in no time. (Dogfront)
[Photo above of London department store Liberty – bring on the holiday shopping season!]


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